Midway II -calling for gold pilots

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  1. ppedott_vibora

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    Sep 25, 2001
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    Right now we have circa 26 pilots ready for action in Midway III Scenario, but, unfortunelly the forces balance is going to privilege in numbers, the red side.
    At this time we have 14 red pilots and 10 gold pilots as well 2 "not yet decided" pilots...
    In order to allow us to have a great and defiant scenario next sunday, I would like to invite pilots to join our event and (if it is possible) join gold side in order to have as-equal-as-we-can force ballance.
    Thx and see you there!
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  2. PG monster

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    Oct 9, 2000
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    B25!!! TBF!!!! are the killers of any gold ftr
    Plz erase these planes from the red roster and u'll get some gold pilots.

    In TBF i can kill 5 zeroes and rtb.
  3. deadmeat

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    Nov 11, 2006
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    imo B-25 wont be avail at Midway, the Mitchell did not take place in the Battle of Midway, or if it did it would be 25C with only top and nose turret, u know the one that golds love to attack invisible from below for an easy kill

    But to be honest, at least this time red bombers can survive supergunship 190s and 109s attacks

    Sometimes I get really pissed when a 0,5sec burst cripples my B-17 without my ottos shot a single bullet while the whole ammunition of my Corsair gets lost in a Ju88 and he flies away with a single leak or aileron dmg, even his (7mm) ottos killing my engine...