Elite Dangerous PlayStation 4 Launch Date: June 27

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    Hey everyone,

    Some exciting news for PS4 owners today: our PlayStation 4 launch date has been confirmed for June 27, 2017.

    Both Elite Dangerous and the Horizons Season Pass will be available on the PlayStation store individually, or you can get them bundled together as the Commander Deluxe Edition – which comes with the Commander Paint Pack as well! Pre-orders will be available later today (very shortly) in Europe and on May 30 in the US; you’ll also receive the exclusive Gold Sidewinder paint job when you pre-order the game!

    In case you prefer a disc copy, you can get your hands on the Elite Dangerous: Legendary Edition which comes out on June 27 as well. The Legendary Edition contains Elite Dangerous and the Horizons Pass, as well as 1,000 Frontier points to spend on in-game items!

    We’re super excited and will have some fun community streams and giveaways planned around this time, so check in on the forums and our social channels regularly for more great news from the Elite galaxy.

    Here’s the PS4 announcement date trailer (you've probably seen it before!):


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