Elite Dangerous [PLEASE READ] Powerplay 2.4 Un-Pledge Notice

Discussion in 'Elite Dangerous' started by Dale Emasiri, Sep 15, 2017.

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    We hope you’re all excited for 2.4 The Return on September 26, I’m sure you’ve all seen the recent cinematic short video from last night’s livestream. I hope you are all as excited and terrified as I am for the update!

    As you may know, in 2.4 there will be some new changes to pilots federation bounties and rebuys which Sandro has been discussing on the forums.

    As Powerplay features consensual, player-versus-player interactions, this will provide exemption from Pilot’s Federation bounties and the ship rebuy penalty when entering into legitimate Powerplay PVP combat when 2.4 arrives. To ensure a smooth transition, we are going to un-pledge any Commander that has not participated in Powerplay on or around the launch of 2.4.

    Any Commander with zero merits at this time will be un-pledged. If you wish to remain pledged, all you have to do is earn a single merit by this date.

    This is a one-time effect; you are free to pledge again if you are un-pledged.

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