Elite Dangerous Removal of Win32 support for Elite Dangerous

Discussion in 'Elite Dangerous' started by Edward Lewis, Aug 14, 2017.

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    Greetings Commanders,

    As mentioned last year in this forum post by David Braben, the constant focus on pushing technological boundaries within Elite Dangerous has required us to reconsider our support for the Win32 version of the game client.

    The removal of the Win32 version will affect less than 0.01% of Elite Dangerous players and we’ll be reaching out to those few people directly to make sure they’re well aware of the changes. The change will come into effect at the release of 2.4 – those trying to access the 2.4 beta will be required to play on the Win64 version also.

    If you’re unsure this will affect you, you can find a guide online that will help, such as this one here: https://www.howtogeek.com/howto/2172...ndows-answers/

    As we mentioned above, the vast majority of players won’t notice a difference, and if we believe you’ll be affected we’ll get in touch with you directly. The change allows us to make the Win64 client the most stable and safe version of the game possible, and focus on the future of Elite Dangerous.



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