When I was 10 years old.

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    By the way, Vasco, I hope that I don't come across as being an asshole all the time. Sometimes I read what I've posted and realize that I wouldn't have posted if I hadn't enjoyed a few adult beverages.

    What you say about the motivation to study Russian, in former Eastern Bloc nations is not unusual, is it? It's interesting to note that former Soviet places in Central Asia seem to embrace the Russian language so much more; it's still the lingua franca. Practical geographic considerations have a lot to do with it. And cultural differences, and time spent under direct Russian and Soviet rule. And experiences during WW2, "and so on" as WW2 veteran Kurt Vonnegut was fond of writing. He was a Kraut-American as am I, so always wonder if he was thinking unserweiter each time he typed that.

    Here are the best ways for adults to (re)study a foreign language: find a local native speaker. Not sure about your circumstances, but if you are very fortunate, a local university may allow you to audit or enroll in classes as a non-degree student. Here we have expensive private programs at universities where students can go through two-month, intensive but "softer" and expensive programs (for the liberal arts and graduate school types) who want to be academics and diplomats.

    Most countries' militaries also have schools that teach foreign languages at a very intense level. The training there is hardcore and you're immersed, penalized for speaking your native language, etc. That's not an option at our advanced ages, but that's the best training. However, you can find some of the target-language speaking teachers, sometimes, who are willing to to help you on a private basis.

    If you live near a base where better troops are housed there are probably good, native-speaking tutors, is my guess.

    And it's probably not a problem for you, but never forget that certain governments will fuck with you if you publicly show interest in studying certain languages, and visiting certain countries. Governments are paranoid on both sides, LOL. It's so silly.

    Kids learn two foreign languages at school, but are primarily instructed in your native language? That's not bad, even if the teachers have bad accents :) In America... pfoo.

    Curious: what language does your son favor?
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